"To what extent is it possible to communicate with objects?", "Can objects be thought out of their functions?", “Do things exist as I see them or do they have their own existence?” The conventional function of the scanner is to recognize and digitize visual data such as text and photographs. In Beyond, everyday three-dimensional objects that can diffuse the light reflected on them are scanned and transferred to the digital environment. If the scanner can copy an object as it appears, it can as well, under my influence, reproduce it the way I want it to be different than it actually is. To this end, while conducting experiments by scanning objects, I felt the process by which the linear light of the scanner grasping the object moves across the surface of the scanner, almost like a conversation, a communication between me and the object. The resulting images were much more vivid than the actual images I was used to seeing. 

Beyond is an experiment of creating a self-effect beyond the image, which cannot be considered independently of the producer's consciousness.